Shaymaa AlFaidi

Meet Shaymaa

Shaymaa is a social entrepreneur specializing in entrepreneurship with a special focus on social entrepreneurship, social innovation and women’s empowerment. Shaymaa holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Effat University with honors. In 2014, she was selected by the US Department of State to participate and represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Georgetown University Leadership Development Program (MEPI), which focuses on social work, leadership and women’s empowerment. Shaymaa founded Najaba for Social Innovation, a project empowering youth and women through social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Shaymaa has been trained more than 900 people in various fields of Entrepreneurship and digital marketing, partnering with several local and international organizations and institutions such as the Misk Foundation, Georgetown University, and Stanford. She is now the AMENDS Global Fellows Global Hub coordinator for Saudi Arabia and 2017 Class Representative.