Equipping Young Peacemakers

Equipping Youth Peacemakers: Using Evidence to Promote the SDGs is a people-to-people diplomacy initiative providing young leaders with training and a robust network of like-minded changemakers. Our goal is to maximise socioeconomic impact and collaboration for peace.

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Equipping Young Peacemakers is an initiative of the AMENDS Global Fellows in partnership with Shughel Shabab and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. The project aims to connect Dutch, Middle Eastern, and North African experts and communities, training young leaders in the use of evidence-based changemaking for the SDGs.

The program has received applications from youth across the Netherlands and MENA region. In response to the applicants’ priorities, based on results from the UN75 Survey, the program will be focusing on resilient cities, educational policy, and environmental sustainability.

The Equipping Young Peacemakers model is based on the following key questions:

  1. How can we use evidence-based strategies to promote the sustainable development goals?
  2. How can peacemakers use facts and statistics to support their work?
  3. How can social changemakers partner with the private sector to increase their impact?

The program will offer:

  • training in evidence-based changemaking strategies from world-leading experts;
  • collaboration with a network of young peacemakers working in MENA; and
  • opportunities to partner with Dutch Embassies in the Middle East and North Africa on a variety of sustainable development initiatives.

In light of the ongoing situation with COVID-19, most of the Equipping Young Peacemakers program will be held online. This has created the opportunity to include larger audiences. There will be three ‘tracks’ in the Virtual Series:

  • Webinars: Building Professional Skills
    learn more about developing your personal brand, applying to educational opportunities, and financing projects
  • Training Workshops: Evidence-Based Changemaking 
    boost your capacities for design thinking, team leadership, monitoring and evaluation, communication, and effective management
  • Virtual Roundtables: Exploring the SDGs
    join experts to talk about youth employment, gender parity, community empowerment, and sustainable cities
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These events are open to EYP Participants and their wider networks – please join us!

Next up:

  • “Feeding Change: The Zero Hunger Lab”
    Monday 8 March, 4-5:30pmCET on Zoom
    presentation of Tilburg University’s work on evidence-based work, algorithms, and nutrition research with Dr Marleen Balvart and Professor Hein Fleuren
“Building Professional Skills” Webinars:
  • Introducing Yourself: Resumes and Biographies
    Thursday 25 March, 4:30-6pmCET on Zoom
    workshop on highlighting your impact and abilities professionally for global audiences by Becca Farnum
  • Funding Education: Scholarship Opportunities
    April, day/time to be confirmed
    information session about international fellowships with representatives from Nuffic, Chevening, and Stanford Knight-Hennessy
  • Maximising Impact: Crowdfunding and Donors
    Thursday 6 May, 4:30-6pmCET
    workshop on making the most of social fundraising and relationship building with Layal Jebran
  • Financing Growth: Grants and Application
    Sunday 13 June, 4-5:30pmCET on Zoom
    workshop on how to identify grant funding sources, prepare competitive applications, and produce compelling reports for partners by Melissa Diamond


“Evidence-Based Changemaking” Workshops:
  • Growing Teams: Training for Social Start-Ups
    Sunday 14 March, 5-6:30pmCET on Zoom
    training on development innovation and project management, focused on leading and equipping teams of staff and volunteers by Dhafer Hasan
  • Surveying Results: Monitoring and Evaluation
    Sunday 25 April, 4-5:30pmCET on Zoom
    training on program evaluation through quantitative analysis, monitoring your impact and measuring results to inform future projects by Alexandra Irani
  • Communicating Information: Turning Stats into Graphics
    May, day/time to be confirmed
    session on how to convert statistics and quantitative information into appealing graphics for public communication and engagement
  • Developing Strategy: A Year in Review
    June, day/time to be confirmed
    a walk-through of a corporate year, highlighting best practices for organisational strategy and business management with attention to mission-driven efforts, full transparency, and initiative growth
  • Program Launchrecording here
    Tuesday 26 January, 5:30-7pmCET
    introduction to evidence-based changemaking by Hezha Mohammed Khan; slides available here
  • Marketing Stories: Personal Brandingrecording here
    Sunday 7 February, 5-6:30pmCET
    workshop on presenting yourself well through professional writing and showcasing your impact via social media by Moneera Yassien; slides available here
  • Solving Problems: Design Thinking recording here
    Thursday 25 February, 4:30-6pmCET
    introduction to the process of design thinking and its use for evidence-based changemaking strategies by Hamza Arsbi; slides available here
  • “Getting the Job Done: Youth Employment amidst Instability”
    Thursday 18 February, 4-5pmCET
    discussion about the challenges to and possibilities for economic opportunities
  • “Learning Together: Context-Relevant Education”
    Tuesday 20 April, 5-6:30pmCET
    discussion about community empowerment through locally focused educational programming
  • “Her Fight: Gender in Conflict”
    Sunday 23 May, 5-6:30pmCET
    discussion with Hana alShowafi, Gender Policy Officer at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Yemen, and Arez Hussen, Youth Advocate with UN Women’s Gender Innovation Agora
  • “Green Power: Building Sustainable Cities”
    Tuesday 8 June, 5-6:30pmCET
    conversation about the future of urban spaces, considering both technological and social barriers and opportunities

The EYP Roundtable Discussions are by invitation only, but the Young Peacemakers will report on their conversations and share key takeaways on the EYP Blog – stay tuned!

Meet some of our Changemakers:

Equipping Young Peacemakers is a public training initiative of the AMENDS Global Fellows in partnership with Shughel Shabab. An additional program for selected changemakers is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

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